New ERA Task Management

Project Requirement

New era admin panel had needed to add new priority based task within given duration of days and assign to employee. The same task assign to more than one employee by sending message and also needed send the reminder message before task completion date. Inform the status of work that employee do to admin. Some task is repeated daily, weekly, monthly or after some number of days. They required the process one time process of task addition.


Given challenge was only that if there repeated task then without adding that task schedule it newly and also send a reminder message to selected employee, this schedule process must be same as when admin added task first time. The schedule task message goes to employee before the start date.


We catched the number of days difference between start date, end date and reminder date and arrange task scheduler. Also find the solution on send message to employee before task start date.


CMEinfotech expertise team is skilled, certified and well balanced. Our team used HTML5, Css3, Javascript, PHP, MYsql for this overall project.