Amazon ACoS Services

What is ACoS?

The Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) is a key metric for measuring the success of Amazon Sponsored Product Campaigns(PPC). It’s an analysis of the ratio of ad spends to targeted sales and is calculated like this:

ACoS = Ad Spend / Sales

For example, if your ACoS is 25%, You paid $0.25 for every dollar you made, or $25 for every $100 you made.

Hit Your Target ACoS :

  • Ad Ranking: In order to keep ACoS on your Amazon PPC ads, We keep attention to Bid optimization, Optimize Product Listings, Keyword Selection, Ratings & Reviews, etc.
  • Optimize Product Page: To ensure that your product shows up first, you must target specific keywords both organically which is based on your product description and through Ads. Your product page must be tailored for your target audience. But if your product page isn’t great, the potential customer will bounce to another related product.

    A great product page has:
    • An accurate and compelling product title
    • A thorough product description :For the description, work hard to make the copy readable, natural and convincing from a pure sales standpoint.
    • High quality product photos and videos: Images are quicker to scan than words, so most people’s eyes will fall on your product image first.
    • A high number of good reviews
    • Amazon Prime eligibility
  • Lower ACoS: Our expertise team improve/decrease your ACoS which making as much profit.

  • KeyWord Optimization, Increase Revenue: Scan through your search terms to find what you are appearing for and clear out underperforming keywords as follows
    • • We Use Auto Campaigns at first to let Amazon target keywords generated automatically in their system for that particular product. And we use the data you collect to see which keywords are performing well and which are not.
    • • CME works on Higher Ranking of Most Searched Keywords for your product Page.
    • • If you notice a consistently low conversion rate across all keywords or terms, then We keep analyze your listing quality for potential issues there and improve your listing quality.(Listing Aspects to analyze: main image, secondary images, title, bullets, copy, reviews, review score, feedback, fulfillment method, CTR, pricing, description, etc)