Our Walmart Marketplace Services

CME offer bulk product uploading, images and publishing services on walmart marketplace across globally.

  • Category Mapping : by creating a taxonomy mapping spreadsheet to listing your product in proper categories.
  • Tax Mapping : We will get mapped your products with tax settings.
  • Manual Data Feed : We will arrange your product data into custom data feed to submit on walmart.
  • Amazon To walmart : We collect your amazon products data and push on walmart marketplace.
  • Supplier Data : We upload product data to your seller account from supplier spreadsheet.
  • Existing Item :We help you to create new listing and which does not match existing product list.
  • Shopping Cart to walmart : We collect your shopify, Bigcommerce and other shopping cart products data and push on walmart marketplace.
  • original Files : To edit our work we provide all original file to you.
  • Bulk product Listing : We upload products in bulk to your seller Account.
  • Image mapping : We map your product images from your website or suppliers spreadsheet with the image URL.
  • Inventory Feeds : To match your supplier we create bulk inventory import spreadsheet .
  • Shipping Override : we help put you to assign a shipping rate on product by product level.
  • Product Matching : we can help you match items across your competitor sites to give you and helps you optimize your critical product data and information for business.
  • Product crowling : We Grab product data from website front design by product crawling.
  • Images editing : we offer professional photo editing and photo retouching services including product image enhancement, image cropping, image manipulation, image masking and image resizing work, etc.
  • Variation support : We add different product variations like color, size and submit on walmart.
  • Temporary Image server : We temporary host your product images while your marketplace downloads into your account. This is important since if you have your images in local folder.
  • UPC Codes : we help out to get GS1 UPC code for your product. By using UPC code Discounts can be applied quickly and also helpful for B2B transaction.
  • MCF - Fulfillment by Amazon : we help out to you grow your business with amazon fulfillment network.
  • validation : we create a validate spreadsheet to your seller account when you are in trouble.
  • Third Party Tools : Using third party tools we provide different type of services like product listing, product description, product SKU matching.