Software Development.

Software development is fundamental part of IT services. Software development is the cycle it includes iformation gathering, designing, implementation, testing, deployment and maintainance. Software development life cycle is the framework defining a task performed at each step. It is process of implimentation of source code writing and maintenance within a sense of borde.It is planned and sructured process. It is divided into different modules. To enhance your business and to make successful we create a software which runs on software development life cycle.

We offer custom software for client/business , open source software for potential users and also for personal use. We provide software solution for medical, education & acadamics, retail and hospitality, manufacturing, etc.


CMEinfotech is cutting edge technology driven company providing solutions to key verticals and horizontals. It provides innovative solutions and exceptional service by promoting quality and integrity throughout the organization.













  • RESEARCH : Software development is becoming more and more crucial since the demand for software is fast rising from every corner imaginable. CME team firstly analyzes and market research of a software to fulfill all requirements of the user.
  • PLAN : Without making a perfect plan, development of software is meaningless. Planning kicks of project flawless and affects its progress positive. We effectively manage Time, Cost and Quality of software.
  • DESIGN : After analysis and plan we take over a design of software. This step is basically design architecture of software. It sets a standard and removes flaws.
  • DEVELOP : It is phase of programming with data recording at background. Our expertise team software develops and implement with latest technology.
  • TEST : We test the software at different level such as module testing, program testing, product testing, in-house testing and testing the product at user’s end.
  • DEPLOY : Once Software passes through all above stages then we deploy the software at user end. It goes to maintenance process. We give time to time maintenance, support and upgrades of software.